U Protocol is a visionary initiative designed to accelerate BitcoinFi on L2s and Solana with its flagship offering, uBTC.

As a Decentralized Omnichain BitcoinFi Protocol, U Protocol is steadfast in its mission to harness the value of Bitcoin as non-sovereign money and extend its utility across the vast expanse of blockchain ecosystems.

At the heart of U Protocol's innovation lies uBTC, the go-to decentralized Bitcoin for Layer 2s. uBTC will be intrinsically backed by Lido’s Wrapped Staked Ether as well as BTC.b, a decentralized Bitcoin bridged to EVM via the Avalanche Bridge.

While Arbitrum, which is the premier L2 DeFi hub, will be the base of the protocol, uBTC will be seamlessly integrated across multiple blockchain networks. Thanks to the ingenuity of LayerZero's technology, uBTC transcends the boundaries of EVM chains, enabling a truly omnichain experience.

U Protocol's roadmap is meticulously crafted to foster the growth of uBTC and its associated ecosystem. The journey begins with the establishment of uBTC as a premier store of value within DeFi, followed by the integration of additional BitcoinFi products and services. The ultimate goal is to create a permissionless infrastructure that empowers the community to innovate underpinned by the robust foundation of uBTC.

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