$uBTC's Uniqueness

  • Uncompromised decentralization: U Protocol offers decentralized BTC exposure, eliminating the need for dependence on centralized custodians or bridges. U Protocol's contracts do not possess admin keys, enhancing its resistance to censorship.

  • Risk containment: The $uBTC is exclusively backed by $wstETH and $BTC.b, isolating associated risks.

  • Omnichain compatibility: $uBTC is OFT compatible and can be bridged not only to other EVM chains but also to non-EVM chains like Solana through Wormhole

  • Minted on Layer 2: $uBTC is minted on Arbitrum, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution, allowing for substantial gas savings.

  • Instantly redeemable: You can redeem $uBTC at face value for the underlying collateral.

  • Interest-free borrowing: As a borrower, you can enjoy 0% interest rate, meaning no concern over continuously accruing debt.

  • Low minimum collateral ratio: A minimum collateral ratio of 110% enables more efficient use of deposited Wrapped Staked ETH.

  • Absence of governance: All operations in U Protocol are algorithmic and fully automated, with protocol parameters established during contract deployment, thereby eliminating the need for governance.

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